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Used euro pallets


In addition to new ones, Barting also has used euro pallets for sale. Except for exceptional cases, it is packaging that has been used only once. This means that its usability or quality has practically not changed, but since the product is no longer completely new, the price is also appropriately lower. You will pay even less for repeatedly used pallets. Such used euro pallets are an excellent purchase, because you can get flawless pallets for an extremely favorable price. Since they are so-called euro pallets, the dimensions of the pallets are standard, namely 1200x800x144 mm (LxWxH). According to the standard, the euro pallet must be made with at least 78 nails of a certain type, properly processed and protected. The final weight of the euro pallet varies between 22 and 25 kilograms.

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Are used euro pallets of lower quality?

Our customers are often interested in the answer to a key question: what is the quality of a used euro pallet. We will not claim that a used product is completely equivalent to a brand new one, otherwise it could be sold as new, but at the same time it should be noted that the used euro pallets for sale at Barting have mostly been used only once, i.e. for a single transport. If pallets are used more than once, even one is significantly lower. The dimensions of the pallets and the weight of the euro pallet are standard, and its quality does not change after one use. Therefore, we can safely say that for an exceptional price you will get quality pallets that will serve you for a long time.

The standard dimension of the pallets is crucial

New and used Euro pallets are used virtually all over the world. Since their dimensions are standardized, transport and storage are significantly easier. The dimensions are adjusted so that the maximum number of pallets can be loaded onto the trailer during transport - depending on the height, length and width of the trailer. Due to the shape, both new and used euro pallets can be easily moved, for example with a forklift. Even the weight of the euro pallet itself is optimized to the extreme possible limit, since the final weight of the load is also important for the transport, in addition to the size. Call us at Barting or visit us. We will be happy to present our offer to you.

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