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Used EPAL pallets


In addition to the distribution of brand new pallets, which Barting has been dealing with since 2001, we also offer used EPAL pallets to our customers. The sale of used pallets is increasingly successful, as it often happens that the packaging is only ordered for a few transports, and then the customers no longer need it. The quality of such used EPAL pallets is practically the same as new, but at the same time we can no longer sell them as unused. The dimensions of EPAL pallets are standardized (euro pallets), i.e. they are all uniform sizes of 1200 x 800 x 144 mm.

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New and used EPAL pallets

There is no one-size-fits-all answer when deciding to buy wooden packaging, but we can advise you based on how long you will need the pallets or what kind of used EPAL pallets we currently have in stock. Despite the fact that the pallets are not new, they are all fully functional and reliable. This is also proven by the fact that sales of used pallets are increasing. Especially if you only need them for one-time transport, it might make the most sense to buy used EPAL pallets and sell them again after use. Since EPAL pallet dimensions are standard and used in all international traffic, you will be able to sell them easily. For an easier decision, call us or visit us and we will help you with useful advice.

Sale of used and new pallets

Used EPAL pallets are like new products manufactured in accordance with the requirements or standards of the international European organization EPAL (European Pallet Association). This determines EPAL pallet dimensions, manufacturing quality, weight (from 22 to 25 kg), use of nails (at least 78) and many other things, which makes used EPAL pallets extremely high quality. In addition, with a natural material such as wood, there is a risk of unintentionally spreading various parasites or bacteria around the world, so such transmission must be prevented. All EPAL pallets are heat treated at a minimum of 56°C, eliminating unwanted 'inhabitants'. This not only preserves their quality, but also prevents them from spreading.

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