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Each storage and transport of material entails certain costs, which include the price of the euro pallet. Of course, this depends on whether the product is new or used, but in any case, we can say that the price of the euro pallet is extremely favorable considering the usability and quality offered by Barting d.o.o. All our pallets comply with the relevant standards and represent the quality that is absolutely necessary for the storage, handling and long-term transport of various loads.

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Euro pallets - dimension

For all products that have an international dimension, it makes sense that the standards and measures for them are also unified, because this way, especially in transport, but also in other areas, things can go significantly better. The price of the new Euro pallet does not only include the material and manufacturing costs, but also the fact that the manufacturer had to obtain the appropriate certificate. Therefore, the price of a euro pallet has quite a few factors that affect its quality and usability. The dimensions of the new euro pallet are as follows according to the UIC 435-2 (EUR 1) standard:

  • length 1200 mm
  • width 800 mm
  • height 144 mm

The carrying capacity of an individual pallet depends on how the load is distributed on it, or whether it is evenly loaded.

Used and new euro pallets

Such standardization and unification of measurements brought many benefits to the field of transport and storage. Today, it is practically impossible to find a specialized company that does not use the Euro pallet. Therefore, on the one hand, the price is slightly lower, and on the other, such standards maintain the quality of the products, which is necessary for safety and successful use. The price of a euro pallet depends mainly on whether it is new or used. Despite uniform standards, there are occasional differences between products, so always make sure you are working with a reliable partner before purchasing. At Barting, we have new and used euro pallets (dimensions 1200x800x144 mm) available for you, and we guarantee that quality comes first in all of them.

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