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Disposable pallets


Disposable transport pallets are a special product intended for specific circumstances when transporting different loads. They are intended for single use, so the price of a single-use pallet is also lower than that of normal pallets. In international and local traffic, standard euro pallets are usually exchanged or returned, but this is not always the case. You may also not need the packaging more than once, so there is no point in buying the most expensive products. Depending on the specific situation, you can also adjust the pallets and reduce costs. If you want some professional advice, you can call us, present your situation and we will find the most favorable option for you.

Kup palet

Disposable pallets of non-standard dimensions

When transporting cargo, it is usually the case that, if possible, all products are loaded on uniform euro pallets for easier transport and storage. These have significantly reduced handling costs in international transport. Nevertheless, it sometimes happens that we need disposable wooden transport pallets, as we cannot load our cargo onto standard pallets. Special conditions may be required either due to the size or weight of the load, and then we have no choice but to opt for disposable pallets. In addition to euro pallets, you can also order such packaging from us. We will make sure that you get the palette that will serve you best.

EPAL pallets

While single-use pallets are intended for specific cargo or situations when you know you won't get the transport pallet back, those with the EPAL mark are something completely different. These are standardized products that are used everywhere in international transport. But it is precisely standardization in some cases that requires us to order single-use pallets, since pallets of standard dimensions are not always adequate. You can contact us no matter what kind of wooden pallets you need - EPAL or those that you will only need once.

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